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Working Hard, But Quitting Too Soon?

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I see so many people who go on a diet, and they lose weight. They get the results that they want, or get close to them.

Then they just throw it all away and gain all that weight back.

All that hard work is just thrown down the drain.

This happens because they are torturing their selves.


What I mean by torture is that when they diet and ”workout” they are not enjoying it.

Dieting goes from eating healthy to starving and eating food that you hate.

Exercising goes from playing basketball to forcing yourself to go to the gym and do boring exercises.

Torture is the reason why we quit so soon. It’s not that we are bad people and can’t get anything done it’s that the frame of mind we are coming from is wrong. We turn being healthy into a job. This is something that we do in all areas of our lives.

Just think about it do you think that top athletes hate working out? For the most part no they love it.

The frequent gym goers do you think that they hate lifting weights?

Of course not they love it.

The rush that they feel, breaking PRs, the sweat, the resistance from the weights what’s not to love?

Enjoying The Process

Viewing diet and exercising as a temporary thing that you do is a bullshit idea (unless you only want temporary results).

It’s a life style, and in order to make this into a life long habit you have to enjoy it.

How Do I Enjoy Dieting?

  1. Eat food that tastes good (believe it or not healthy food can taste good, and also it’s as simple as just eating healthier).
  2. Meal Prepping (This is the easiest thing in the world just prepare a ton of food in one day and box up the meals then when you get hungry pop it in the microwave and then enjoy (cooking might not be very fun, but the reward is instant and lasts for days in the form of yummy food that’s healthy and that you want to actually eat also it’s already ready to be heated).

How To Enjoy Working Out?

This can vary it can be as simple as adding a ton of variety to your workouts, or having a big goal that you want to accomplish.

There are many different approaches it could be as simple as going to walks/runs in a park, working out with friends, or just playing a sport. Also if it helps don’t use the word working out just use the word exercising it should be fun we were meant to move and be active.


I wrote this post mainly due to noticing that I went from loving working out to not loving it. Which makes it much harder to actually workout.

This is also something that I’ve noticed in other areas of my life something that SHOULD be fun just isn’t fun I turn it into a job.

I turn something that should be fun into a job into working.

Now this doesn’t mean to stop working, or to stop hustling just enjoy the process.

My next post still somewhat relates to this post view it here.



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