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Too Much Information

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This continues off of my previous post.

Something I would like to add is too much information.

Too Much Information Isn’t Fun

With working out or dieting if you are constantly looking up everything that you eat, or do in your workouts that could make the process of working out and dieting less fun.

Sure it needs to be done to a certain extent you don’t want to lift heavy weights with shitty form.

Which I say this, but the simple fact is that I started working out with bad form and it did hurt my lower back a lot, and then I started to look up proper form then the back and shoulder pain ceased to exist.

At the same time I used to look up everything before I would do it, and ended up taking less action/ working out less due to being too worried about form.

Especially when it comes to working out there are so many different ways to workout and every demographic does a certain lift differently.

Olympic lifters, power lifters, and bodybuilders all squat differently. Also some people who do exercise a lot do get injured, but they love it and still live for a long time and are healthier/happier than the general population.

Finding What Is Right

With me I just do what feels good if I’m working out and the exercise doesn’t work for me, or if my form sucks and it ends up causing just a little bit of back pain then I stop the exercise.

Another thing that can be done is to find someone you trust and take their advice, but take caution because the internet is filled with marketers who only want your money.

If you end up spending a lot of money on shitty supplements that don’t seem to do anything for you then forget that person (or just view their free material only).

Otherwise in regards to what I’ve experienced when it comes to lifting weights just doing a basic YouTube search for ”how to do this” will suffice just remember that their is usually more than one way to do the lift correctly.

Strict form isn’t always the answer.

With dieting I would just find out what doesn’t work for your body.

For example with me milk and eggs do not mix well with me. If I start drinking milk and eating eggs my energy will go down and it will be a bad story.

Just to get some basic down watch out for some of the top food allergies that you very well could have:

  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Corn

Along with drinking plenty of water, and cutting out sodas.


One reason for this post are the guys in the gym who have results, but they aren’t ”know it alls.” Also the ones who know it all, yet they don’t have any results.

This could go either way you do have coaches out there who wouldn’t be very good at playing football, or power lifting, yet they train the most elite athletes.

Either way having a coach, or finding someone you trust could be a ticket to getting results faster then you normally would on your own through trial and error.

If all of the information out there ends up confusing you, and stops you from actually taking action on your health, goals, or whatever then I would suggest just taking action and then worry about information later. Also if this research scares you and makes the process less enjoyable then it’s probably going to just end up doing more damage to you then anything else.

Either way be smart about it, and realize if all of this ”extra information,” and ”new information” is preventing you from getting shit done, or if it’s causing you more anxiety and self judging.




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