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Rabies Will Kill You

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This post is way different than my previous posts, but something that I’ve recently become aware of is the danger of rabies on humans.

I’m writing this post because after learning this I feel like this is something that more people should be aware of.

The only reason I know this is because of an ”encounter” with a bat.

More on that later.

Getting Rabies

For starters there are areas in which rabies is virtually non existent.

In the United States it’s rare for someone to get rabies. Which is probably one of the main reasons why I was unaware of how dangerous rabies really is if you get it.

While it is rare in the USA it’s not impossible to get.

You get rabies by getting bit by a rabid animal (bat, dog, skunk, raccoon, etc) well technically you only have to come in contact with their saliva. Which if you do get bit then the best course of action would be to capture of animal (if safe) and have it sent to a lab to be tested for rabies (some of you may know this, but for those of you who would let the animal go realize that if you get rabies you will die, and if you get the vaccine for rabies it costs around $10,000 if you live in USA).

With me I told a few people about this encounter, but no one knew that I had to get shots, or that if that bat was rabid and gave me rabies that I would die. No one I talked to knew this. I found out by reporting it to the health department.

Will Rabies Really Kill Me? We Have A Cure For This Right?

The only ”cure” is getting the vaccine before the symptoms of rabies kick in. When they kick in you die, and there is nothing the hospital can do to save you. Well to be fair there is something called the Milwaukee protocol which if you did this it might not work, and if it does then you will probably suffer massive brain damage.

40,000-70,000 people die each year from rabies mostly from dog bites (think third world country’s) and you can count on one hand how many people have survived rabies without getting the vaccine in time.

Chances of survival are extremely low, and people who do die from this in America at least are people who come in contact with a rabid animal and don’t know anything about rabies, or the people they tell/talk to.

It’s pretty scary that a little bat right outside your house could kill you if it gives you rabies. That’s also why giving animals rabie shots is so important which no one told me that rabies would kill a human. I always thought that rabies just made dogs go mad and someone would have to put them down not that they would also die from it also.

Rabies just completely blows my mind the fact that if I did get rabies and didn’t get the vaccine in time that I could be sitting in a hospital being told that there is nothing they can do then my family along with the staff at the hospital just watch me die. It’s just insane,and even though this is rare in America it does happen. This happens to kids, young adults, it could happen to anyone.

This also happens in third world country’s kids are dying from this, and once the symptoms kick in they are done for. I just can’t believe that something like this exists, but it does along with that rabies isn’t the only thing killing people left and right. In areas like the United States this isn’t so much of a problem,  but in other areas of the world it’s a different story.

What Happens When You Get Rabies

You get a fever.

Lose the ability to swallow.

Go into a coma.

And Die.

That’s what happens unless you get the vaccine in time. Those are the symptoms, and they can happen within a month (in rare cases up to a year (this is from word of mouth)).


I would encourage you not to be afraid of something like rabies, but to instead be aware of it.

Even though this does exist, and I’m sure there are many other things that are just as deadly as rabies along with being easy to get. I’m not going to worry myself over it in fact I’m glad that now I know what to do if someone I love comes in contact with a bat, or potentially rabid animal. Catch the animal get it tested then get the vaccine as needed.

My other option would be to not know anything, and in the process do nothing about it.

Either way I’m not going to research every deadly disease, or anything like that. I’m sure as hell going to be more aware of the potential dangers of something like rabies, and listen whenever I hear of certain shots that people have to get if they get something.

If you want to get a clearer picture on what happens when you get rabies you can watch people on YouTube go through the various stages of rabies (just a heads up some of these videos show the patient actually dying).







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