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Focusing Too Much On The Little Details

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Focusing too much on the little details can go either way.

If you are a designer, or doing something that requires great detail to the little things then that’s a completely different story. What I’m talking about is when you focus too much on the little details in life that you end up missing out on the big picture.


A great example of missing the big pictures is just talking to people.

When you meet someone do you even remember how the conversation started?

Did you stutter a lot? Maybe even miss a step when walking? Awkward silence?

If you focus too much on the little details and want to interaction to be perfect then you would think that you failed miserably.

In reality it doesn’t even matter. In a minute both of you will forget about what happened (depends on the circumstance, but this is just generalizing).


This applies to just more than conversations.

There may be times in our lives when focusing on the little details is somewhat important, but overall the big picture is what really matters.

A little stutter from someone you like is no big deal. It’s something you just forget about.

When it comes to focusing on the little details often times we are trying to be perfect, but perfection is a joke.

No one is perfect, and not everyone is going to like you even if you do everything ”perfectly” based off of your own idea of perfection.

I mentioned conversations because if you are trying to impress someone so much that everything in the interaction has to be perfect then you end up messing up on something very small then there is no sense in beating yourself up over it.

Seeing the big picture also applies in the work that you do sure you want to be perfect, but making a perfect product isn’t happening you can just improve upon it while doing the best that you can.


It’s all about using your head.

If you forget about the big picture, and just worry about the little details then you very well may just set yourself up for failure.

Which to be fair I do focus on a lot of little details especially when I’m writing posts such as this one, and I do miss some points which someone in the comment section, or wherever are sure to point out.

I might even notice something that I missed out on.

Does that mean that I should give up? Should I quit, and just shut down my website?

Hell No.


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